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Delivery Management 101

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What is the purpose of delivery management? How important is this job in the industry? These are the things we will tackle below.

What Is Delivery Management?

Delivery management is the process that ensures all orders are delivered to customers on time and with high quality. It involves a lot of processes and steps that you need to follow to achieve success in this job.

It is the job of the delivery manager to make sure that the company’s goals are met by managing all resources involved in logistics and delivery. This includes the ones responsible for picking up, packing, and sending orders.

Fulfillment Center Manager Tasks

We will explore some of the tasks that you need to perform as a fulfillment center manager. We will focus mainly on the responsibilities and skills needed in this position.

Below is a list of fulfillment center manager tasks:

Role of Fulfillment Center Manager: Solutions for Order Fulfillment Problems

You can notice by reading the above list, that being a fulfillment center manager is not an easy job. Most of us would agree that it is stressful at times.

Especially when dealing with multiple orders, supplier issues, etc. But we can say with confidence that if you want to become a successful fulfillment center manager.

So you need to perform all these tasks properly. That is why today we prepared solutions for order fulfillment problems to make your life easier. 

Let’s get started!

1- Create A Proper Shipping Schedule To Meet Customer Demands

The first thing you need to do as a fulfillment center manager creates a proper shipping schedule. You need to make sure that your warehouse has enough inventory and eventually configure your shipping software.

So it will provide accurate delivery estimates based on available inventory. If there isn’t enough inventory, you need to figure out how much time it takes to replenish it.

So it will still meet customer demands. If there are no orders at the moment. Don’t worry about it because there are other tasks for you to perform as well like pre-work or post-work activities. 

These activities involve checking up on employees and making sure they are doing their job properly. You can check out our article about pre-work and post-work activities here. 

After checking up on employees make sure they follow proper shipping procedures by inspecting their work. When everything is done properly, you can proceed with shipping items out. 

After shipping them out, you will have to perform post-work activities. Such as checking up on the package and marking it as shipped. 

2- Communicate With Customers and Suppliers To Resolve Issues

Communication is an important part of this job. That is why you need to stay in contact with the suppliers and customers. 

They will provide you with valuable information that you can use for your benefit. 

Communicate with customers: 

As a fulfillment center manager, you will work closely with customers. So there are high chances that they will contact you occasionally. 

You can receive some orders by email, phone, or fax. In most cases, customers will place new orders by phone.

So it is important to be available all the time and answer their questions properly. This can be stressful at times but it is an important part of this job so you have to do it anyway. 

Communicate with suppliers: 

To receive shipments on time, you need to communicate with suppliers as well. If they fail to deliver shipments on time, it can cause delays in delivering customer orders. 

So make sure that your suppliers have enough stock. And also are ready to ship products as soon as possible when you place an order. 

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