Delivery Management Techniques

Delivery Management Techniques

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There are some best delivery management techniques that we can use in the process. And these techniques and practices will be discussed in detail in this section.

What Is Delivery Management?

Delivery management is an approach to handle the delivery of the product. Or software that is developed by the team or company.

It deals with the entire process of delivery and how to deal with the issues. Especially, those are occurring in the process. It also deals with how to get the following:

  • customer satisfaction
  • engagement, and
  • how to ensure that all the testing and
  • other activities are done properly.

This process is important before starting any development project or even while finishing it. Delivery management can be implemented in both small-scale development projects as well as large-scale ones. It also helps in developing a direct relationship between the customer and team members.

There are some important techniques that we need to understand regarding delivery management, which are:

  • Handling Change Requests
  • Communication with Customer
  • Documentation for Processes and Procedures

1. Handling Change Requests

A change request is nothing but a suggestion by a customer for any change in their product or service. In normal cases, there can be many such requests from various customers at different times.

The change request can be anything from minor adjustments. To major overhauls of their desired product and services. So, handling these change requests is one of the most important tasks while delivering any product or service. We need to understand that customer satisfaction is only possible if we handle these change requests properly. At the same time meet them timely.

Otherwise, it can lead to dissatisfaction with the customer. Which can be harmful to our business as well as the reputation of our brand. Therefore, we need to handle all such changes requests properly. Before they become an issue for us.

2. Communication with Customer

Communication is an important part of any project. Especially those that we do in the delivery management phase. We need to ensure that the development team has proper communication with the customer.

About the product and service, throughout the project.

And we need to ensure that we have proper communication with them. Even after the project is over and before it. This helps in making sure that both parties are satisfied with what we have developed for them. And there are no issues or communication gaps between them and us.

3. Documentation for Processes and Procedures

Documentation of processes and procedures is necessary. To get a good understanding of how a project is being operated by a team member or an organization.

It also helps in understanding how things are done by them and their activities. This helps in a better understanding of how things should be done personally by us as well as on behalf of our organization or team.

This helps in improving our efficiency and productivity as well. We can use these documents for future references. As well by anyone who joins our team or business for any new project or activity. And it will help them understand how things are being done or why they are being done like that.

4. Workflow Management Techniques

Workflow management techniques deal with the entire process of workflow management in an organization or business. Or how to manage workflow efficiently within a team or organization. So that they can deliver the product or service effectively without any problem.

In general, workflows can be considered as processes. Which are being followed within a business or an organization to deliver the products effectively without incurring any losses to the business itself.

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