How can we solve poor service delivery

How Can We Solve Poor Service Delivery?

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How can we solve poor service delivery? Read this article to find out.

What Exactly Is Service Delivery?

Service delivery is the process of delivering a service to your customers, to achieve your business goals.

Service delivery is often confused with customer service, but it’s not all about the customer.

In fact, it’s not about the customer at all. It’s about doing what is required to achieve the business objectives.

For example, say you run a bakery and you tell your team that you want to produce a new range of cakes for the following week. 

Your team will be focused on achieving this objective and may spend more time on this than on delivering service to customers in the store.

This means that the customers may have to wait longer than they would like or expect. However, they will get pretty good service once they are served (assuming they choose a cake). 

Service delivery is measured by how well you deliver against your objectives.

What We Got Wrong About Poor Service Delivery

Poor service delivery is a problem that’s rife in the retail industry. Oftentimes, businesses blame their customers for their poor service delivery, but this is a problem we need to address as an industry. 

The problem has three root causes: Firstly, there’s a lack of understanding of what service delivery really is and how it works. 

Secondly, there’s no culture of working together to solve service delivery problems at businesses. 

Lastly, a lack of commitment and accountability when it comes to solving service delivery problems by management. 

If you think about it, if your business wants to grow and succeed, your customers do expect great service—but only if your brand has earned this right! 

Otherwise, they will not only expect good service but they will demand it too.

In order to deliver good customer service, you need to understand what good customer service is and how you need to deliver it. 

Strategies to Solve Poor Service Delivery

Be clear on your objectives

Before you can improve your service delivery you have to know exactly what you’re working towards.

Improve your measurement systems

You need to measure your performance against objectives and make sure that the measurements are accurate and consistent.

Plan for service delivery

It has to be a part of your business plan and strategies.

Improve operational effectiveness

Poor service delivery is often caused by operational inefficiencies. 

Develop a culture of service delivery

Service is about people, so you need to ensure that people are engaged, motivated, and feel ownership for the service delivery process. 

Focus on the customer, not the process

Don’t get so bogged down in the details that you forget about the customer. This is why it’s often called customer service.

Service delivery is all about delivering service, not just serving customers.


Service delivery is about getting your business objectives achieved and not just serving customers. 

If you’re interested in increasing brand reputation, improving your cash flow, and encouraging repeat business, then you need to make service delivery a priority. 

Want to learn more? Watch the video below on how to fix service delivery to see what we got right and where we went wrong.

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