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How to Identify the Right Project Delivery Strategy

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To meet business goals, a VP of Delivery and delivery managers rely on a trusted project delivery strategy, which together provides its own set of standards and procedures.

Regardless of the technique or style you use, there are a number of strategies you can apply to support and lead your project. We will go through these strategies in more depth below.

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Ways to Guide Your Project Delivery Strategy

Workflow Management

The workflow of your project is the flow and sequence of activities and events that take place on the project. 

This must be clearly laid out and documented to ensure it is understood and followed by everyone who needs to know. Having a workflow also allows you to manage the project with more organization.

Understand what success means to the project

It is important to define what success looks like to the project. This will provide clear expectations and allow you to gauge your progress throughout the project.

Set a deadline for your project

Deadlines are a good way to ensure that your project is on track and moving forward. A deadline can also provide a clear objective for you and your team members.

Have a dedicated project board

Having a dedicated project board, whether virtual or physical, is also an excellent way to manage the scope of your project. 

It allows you to visually see the progress that has been made and serves as a reminder of what still needs to be done.

Track trends in relation to your budget and schedule

Another way to keep your project on track is by monitoring trends in relation to your budget and schedule. This will also allow you to make adjustments if needed. 

By monitoring these trends, you can make sure that these resources are being used efficiently and effectively.

Ensure all resources are identified and available

Before beginning a new project, make sure all resources are identified and available. This includes people, materials, money, equipment, facilities, etc.

Have a detailed plan of action with goals and objectives

Having a detailed plan of action with clearly defined goals and objectives for each milestone or phase in the project will help keep everyone on track.

You can also stay organized throughout the duration of the project. It will also help you achieve your goals by having a visual aid along the way which provides direction and structure.

Communicate with the whole team regularly

Communicate with your team on a regular basis. This will also allow you to stay informed and up-to-date about the project and its progress.

By communicating regularly with your team, you will be able to identify and address problems and issues as they occur. 

This will also help team members know what is expected of them and can help build a sense of unity and teamwork.

To communicate effectively, make sure to use the right communication vehicle for the situation. Also, strive to be clear in your interaction by using direct language.


A project delivery strategy is a key component of your project. A strategy that is not well-defined and communicated to the entire team will also cause uncertainty and miscommunication which will lead to issues down the road. 

By applying these strategies, you can ensure that you and your team stay on track and achieve your goals.

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