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Methods of Service Delivery You Need to Know

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In this post, let us consider the methods of service delivery you need to know. Tune in to find out.

What Are the Methods of Service Delivery?

You may have guessed the above question by now.

There are many methods of service delivery. But first, let’s define service delivery.

Service delivery is the way goods or services are provided to customers. In most cases, it’s a generic term for how a business or brand delivers the products or services it offers.

In this post, we will look at the most prevalent methods of service delivery.

Individual Treatment

This is the most basic service delivery method. It’s usually for personal or individual services. For example, you will see it in the following cases:

  • walk into a store to buy something
  • call to inquire about the business
  • send emails or fill out contact forms on the website
  • visit a business location for one-on-one consultation or appointments
  • assisted by employees at the counter or by professionals in person, whether it is an office, hospital, school, factory, etc.

It is also known as direct consumer service delivery. Also, it aims to provide customers with an individualized experience. It is usually conducted by employees or professionals who are tasked to assist the customers.

For example, you visit a restaurant to have lunch. You are served by a waiter or waitress and get your food and drink directly from them. This is an individualized service delivery method.

Meanwhile, some business establishments employ a customer service representative to help their clients with inquiries and other issues via the phone or email. This is also called individual treatment.

Group Treatment

This is also known as indirect consumer service delivery. It’s always conducted by employees or professionals. 

However, they are usually not the ones who are directly serving the customer. Instead, they are assigned to handle large groups of customers.

This method is mainly used in restaurants and hotels. The waiters and waitresses take orders from customers who are seated at tables. The orders will be served by other workers or professionals who are tasked to do so.

These workers or professionals might be the ones who cook the food, serve the food, or clean up after customers finish eating.

It’s also common in shops and stores where customers serve themselves. For instance, you go to a supermarket to buy something you want. 


This is the combination of individual treatment and group treatment. It’s when customers are served by professionals who are working in teams.

For example, you visit a hospital to get medical attention or to seek professional advice. You will be attended to by medical personnel who will assess your condition and decide on the appropriate treatments for you.

Meanwhile, other medical staff will work with you in providing the most comfortable services for you. They might attend to your needs while you are waiting for your turn in the operating room or recovery room.


There are different methods of service delivery. 

The individual treatment method is for when customers are served one-on-one. It is also called direct consumer service delivery. 

Meanwhile, the group treatment method is for when customers are served in groups. It’s also called indirect consumer service delivery. It is usually conducted by employees or professionals who are working in teams.

As for the co-treatment method, it is when customers are served by professionals who are working in teams.

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