The VP Agile Delivery

The VP Agile Delivery

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What is supposed to do with a VP agile delivery? How important is it to have this in a company? These are the things we will tackle below.

What Is VP Agile Delivery?

This role was first created by Scott Ambler in 2003. The VP of agile delivery will be responsible for the overall success of the company’s development projects. 

He will have an agile delivery team under his command which he will have to lead, mentor and motivate. The VP of agile delivery will have to have the following skills:

  • Skills that are related to product development such as technical, agile, and business skills.
  • Leadership skills such as organizational leadership and team leadership.
  • Management skills such as managing people, budgeting, and risk management.
  • Technical skills are also required since they need to understand the frameworks they use. And also how they work to help their teams do the same. 

It is important since we want to avoid a situation where a developer asks for help on how a framework works to a VP who has no idea how it works. That will be a waste of time for both parties. 

The VP needs to know how the frameworks work so that he can not only help his team. But also answer their questions if needed. 

It is also important because if they do not understand what they’re doing. So they may not be able to help them solve issues or give them good feedback on their work or new requirements. 

In Additional Information

In addition, it is also important for them to have good communication and people management skills. So that they can interact with development team members and others to get things done. 

So this includes being able to negotiate with other teams and managers about the time frames for implementation of features etc. Other qualities that are needed include being able to motivate others.

So being able to plan things out, manage budgets and handle risks. They need these qualities so that they can be effective in shaping the course of their team’s project(s). 

They need these qualities so that they can come up with new solutions when needed. Also, make sure everything goes according to plan as best as possible while keeping an eye on any risks that may arise. 

So this goes hand in hand with planning since it’s impossible to manage risks without proper planning. As you can see, this role requires a lot of knowledge when it comes to technology.

But it’s crucial since they will be working at a high level. It means that they need all these qualities for them to do their job successfully.

It would be nice if you could find someone who has all of these qualities. But as we all know, this doesn’t always happen.

But if they do have all these qualities, they will be able to do their job well. So finding a VP who has these qualities and is also a good communicator.

Then your project will be very successful. 

Why Do We Need VP Agile Delivery?

You may be asking yourself why we need a VP Agile Delivery? And how can they help the company? 

Below are some of the ways they can help. As you can see, there are a lot of things that VP agile delivery is responsible for. 

So it’s important to have this role in a company. Not only will they be able to help the company by shaping the course of its project(s). 

But they will also help with the overall success of these projects. The VP agile delivery will have an agile delivery team under their command. 

So they need to lead, mentor and motivate them for them to achieve success. This is very important since they don’t mentor and motivate their team.

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