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What Exactly Is a Product Delivery Process?

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What exactly is a product delivery process? Tune in to find out.

What Is a Product Delivery Process?

If you’ve been in product management for a while, chances are you’ve already come across the term product delivery process.

In its simplest form, a product delivery process is a set of steps that allows you to deliver a product from an initial idea to the end-user.

In the world of product management, this means that each stage of your product from inception to completion has a set method of execution. This method describes how a specific step should be completed and what the expected outcome is.

The idea behind a product delivery process is to have a clearly defined line of thought for everyone involved in getting a product from idea to market. 

This way, everyone knows exactly what their roles are and how they fit into the overall process.

There are two main benefits to having a product delivery process: time and money saved. By defining every step, you can save both time and money by not having to reinvent the wheel at every stage. 

It also gives everyone involved in the process an idea of what to expect at each stage leading up to the market release.

Benefits of Having an Established Product Delivery Process

Having an established process for delivering your product offers several benefits that can help you get more out of each stage than if you didn’t have one in place:

Saves Time

As mentioned above, having an established product delivery process saves both time and money. This is true because you are not repeating steps over and over again. 

It also helps everyone involved in the process know exactly what they should expect at each point in time. So, they don’t waste time wondering when something will happen or what they should be doing next. 

Having this level of clarity enables teams to progress faster through each stage, which saves time on both ends. 

Save Money

Having a well-established process not only saves time but also saves money. This is particularly true for larger companies that have multiple steps in their process. 

Having a clear and concise process allows them to avoid having to reinvent the wheel at every stage. Instead, they are able to scale costs out of their process, which saves money.

Avoid Potential Problems

Having an established process also helps product teams avoid problems. Especially those that can arise when there is no clear line of thought for delivering a product. 

Any time you have a situation where multiple people are responsible for the same task, it can be easy for them to step on each other’s toes or get in each other’s way. 

This is exactly what happens when you don’t have a product delivery process in place. It can be difficult to establish ownership of tasks and responsibilities. And this leads to confusion and potential mistakes being made along the way.


As you can see, having a process in place is essential when trying to deliver any product. It not only ensures that the correct steps are taken each step of the way. But it also makes sure that time and money are saved along the way. 

If you don’t have a process in place yet, there’s no better time than now to write one out. Not only will it help you in the short term. But it will also help you down the road when you need to scale or maintain your product delivery process.

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