What is service delivery model

What Exactly Is a Service Delivery Model?

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What exactly is a service delivery model? This guide will explain what a service delivery model is, what it does, and how it is used in organizations.

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What We Got Wrong About Service Delivery Model

To gain a better understanding of what this is all about, let’s define what a service delivery model means.

A service delivery model consists of two parts: the processes and the structure.

The processes are how the organization will do its work, from recruitment and selection to performance management and exit interviews. This applies not only to employees but also to customers.

The structure is about how the organization will be structured, with descriptions of roles and responsibilities for each part of the organization.

In short, a delivery model is an organizational blueprint that describes how people in the organization interact. It includes both employees and customers.

Service Delivery Model Examples

Service delivery models are not just for large organizations. They can also apply to smaller ones. 

Here are three examples of small businesses that use service delivery models:

A Retail Store That Offers Free Tea and Coffee to Customers

Let’s take this retail store as an example.

They greet customers and offer them free tea and coffee, thus providing ‘comfort’ to the customers.

They also wait for the customer’s request, then serve them accordingly. Finally, they provide a ‘thank you’ note upon leaving the store.

The store can change its service delivery model anytime by changing any of its elements, such as the number of seats available or the layout of the store itself. This is how it stays competitive in today’s market, by adapting to customer needs and expectations. 

A Taxi Company That Offers Free GPS Systems for Customers

If we take this taxi company as an example, its service delivery model is as follows.

A driver who has passed an accredited training program that makes him/her knowledgeable about operating a taxi. The driver should also have a sound car with properly functioning air conditioning.

Customers will not worry about getting lost when going around busy streets because of the GPS systems.

A Customer Service Company That Offers a 24/7 Call Center

Let’s take this customer service company as an example.

They have a call center that is open 24/7, 365 days a year. This call center can be reached anytime. 

Even if the customers are unable to talk to the right person at first, they can leave a message and will be called back within 24 hours. The call center staff should also be knowledgeable and well-equipped with the latest technology.

The Value of Service Delivery Models Now

Service delivery models are important because they are the blueprint for how your organization will work. 

They create a sense of clarity in an organization and make sure each employee knows their responsibilities. They also ensure that employees and customers receive the same level of service.

Different companies may have different service delivery models, but all of them should be aligned with the organizational vision and values. For example, a company that is ‘customer-oriented’ will have a service delivery model that puts its customers first.

If a company is looking for new employees, the service delivery model can help them determine what kind of applicants to look for. 

It also helps them evaluate current employees and see if they are doing what is expected of them.

This makes work more efficient and effective, leading to higher productivity, which translates to better profits in the end.

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