What is a service delivery organization

What Is a Service Delivery Organization?

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A Closer Look at Service Delivery Organization

In layman’s terms, a service delivery organization is known as an SDO. 

This type of organization is working as a middleman between the government and the people. The government is the source of funding and the SDO is the one that is responsible for delivering the services to the beneficiaries.

The goal of such an organization is to provide more efficient service delivery. It happens by cutting the costs, increasing participation of the beneficiaries, increasing accessibility, and improving the quality of services to those who need it most.

An SDO can be a nonprofit or a private company that has been contracted by the government to operate social programs that are funded by the government. 

They are also known as service deliverers or service providers. These organizations have a long history in civil society, public policy, and development work. 

As such, they have been struggling with accountability issues for years. They have been providing services to the communities. 

But, there are times that they fail to attain their expected goals because they are not always transparent enough in their operations.

Ways to Improve Service Delivery in Your Organization

Addressing Non-core Functions

An SDO should not be involved in non-core functions. 

The organization should only focus on the main objective of their contract, which is providing services to the community. 

They should not stray away from this goal and try to achieve other objectives instead.

Equipping Your Staff with the Right Tools

The employees and staff of an SDO must be equipped with the right tools for them to deliver better and efficient services. 

For example, if the SDO has a program that provides water to remote villages, they should have trucks equipped with water tanks and water pumps that can reach faraway communities.

Hiring Qualified Staff

It is also important that an SDO hires qualified staff who are passionate about their work. 

The organization should conduct interviews and test a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and credentials. 

An SDO should also provide training and development opportunities for its employees. So, they can develop more skills and expertise that will help them provide better services to the community. 

Err on the Side of Communication

Service deliverers should also make sure that they are transparent with the people who are being served. 

They should make sure that they are open to any feedback. They should make sure that they can explain the reasons why they made certain decisions. Then, they should also be open to complaints and criticism from the beneficiaries.

Program Evaluation

Lastly, an SDO should regularly evaluate the programs that they have implemented. They should ask for feedback and comments from the beneficiaries about their experience in using their services. 

Communication is important in all of these processes, as it will ensure that both parties know what is supposed to happen and where there are problems. 

It will also make people feel more comfortable with the organization, which will lead to better service delivery.


The bottom line is that an SDO is responsible for the delivery of services to a community.

They are not alone in this process, as they are supported by the government. With this, an SDO should be able to prove that they are capable of providing quality services to the beneficiaries. 

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