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All About VP Delivery

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There are lots of responsibilities of a VP delivery. So we will tackle the information about a Vice President (VP) delivery and the importance of having this position.

Who Is VP Delivery?

The Vice President of Delivery is the person who supervises the operations of the delivery department. And also ensures the efficient operation of this department. 

Also, the Vice President for Delivery is responsible for the coordination of the process of development. And also implementation of a delivery strategy that is aligned with the overall business strategy.

The functions and responsibilities of VP Delivery are:

  • Defining, implementing, and maintaining a delivery strategy that is aligned with business strategy
  • Project portfolio management
  • Establishing clear rules for prioritization and controlling risks
  • Setting clear requirements for project management processes (for example, defining project roles and responsibilities, defining project life cycle)
  • Promoting cross-functional collaboration within and outside the organization
  • Ensuring that delivery team members are trained to achieve competence in project management
  • Coordinating the activities of development teams (as a manager)

How Important Is This Job For A Company?

The importance of this job can be shown by the high salaries and benefits that are given to a Vice President (VP) delivery. This position is one of the few positions that are not directly related to the revenue of the company. 

His salary is usually higher than other managers. And also, his job can be considered a high-risk position because he has the responsibility for the company’s products and services. 

If there is an error in his work, it will affect the overall performance of the company.

What Are The Most Important Skills For VP Delivery?

The skills that are needed for a Vice President (VP) Delivery are:

Business Strategy:

A VP delivery must be able to create strategies and plans that are aligned with business strategies. Also, he needs to know how to identify business opportunities and how to deliver services to meet business needs.

Project Management:

A VP delivery must be able to manage projects in a way that meets project requirements and standards. Also, he needs to be able to manage project risks and communicate project status and results regularly.

Customer Focus:

A VP delivery needs to know how to meet customer requirements while managing internal resources effectively. Also, he must have excellent communication skills and effective management skills such as negotiation skills. 

And also, he must understand how customers perceive products or services based on their perception of competitors’ products or services.

What Are The Duties Of A VP Delivery?

There are many responsibilities for a VP delivery. But we will only discuss one of those responsibilities of a vice president of delivery.

Developing And Implementing A Delivery Strategy:

The first thing that a VP delivery does is develop and implement a delivery strategy. That is aligned with business strategy and meets customer requirements. 

So, he needs several resources including people with project management knowledge. Such as analysts or developers with IT experience who can handle system architecture planning for projects.

Or project managers who have experience in managing projects (that are aligned with project requirements). Also, external resources (for example, people who work in other departments) may need to participate in this process. 

So it will help if they know how things work in other departments such as marketing, sales, or purchasing. So they can make decisions and recommendations that are useful for planning a delivery strategy. 

The main goal of creating a delivery strategy is achieving maximum value to customers while minimizing the company’s costs. So, developers must know how to organize projects in a way that meets customer requirements.

To make this happen, developers have to have information about the company’s products and services. And also, they need to understand customer needs and expectations about these products and services.

They must also be able to analyze competitive products and services. Also, they need to understand how customers perceive competitive products or services.

It is based on their perception of a company’s products or services. 

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