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What Does a VP of Client Delivery Do?

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The Vice President or VP of Client Delivery leads, directs, and oversees the Client Management process and operations of a company. 

One also manages and supervises customer care teams to ensure that business, team, and personal goals are met.

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What Does a VP of Client Delivery Do?

A VP of Client Delivery manages the organization’s client care process, which includes recruiting, training, coaching, and monitoring customer care teams. 

This role also supervises the performance of customer care teams, making sure that they are operating at top efficiency.

A VP of Client Delivery is responsible for ensuring that the company’s client care team has smooth, high-quality processes in place. 

They also oversee the development of departmental strategy.

What Does a VP of Client Delivery Need?

To be a VP of Client Delivery, one must have strong leadership skills and an excellent command of client management principles. 

Candidates must be able to manage the company’s client care process with efficiency and efficacy. 

They should be able to lead and train customer care teams and oversee the development of departmental strategy.


A VP of Client Delivery should have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field. One can also earn an MBA, which is typically required for senior-level positions.

Work Experience

Candidates should possess at least five years of prior experience as a project manager or director. 

They may also hold executive leadership positions in customer service, sales, marketing, and product management.


One must possess outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, as well as strong leadership abilities. 

They must be able to manage and lead customer care teams and ensure that the company meets its business goals.


A VP of Client Delivery should have goals and willing to work cooperatively with colleagues. 

They must also take note of details and analytical, as well as able to research and resolve issues quickly.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Create service delivery methods that result in client success.
  • Build trust with your customers to secure long-term relationships.
  • Represent the customer’s point of view to the whole Executive Management Team.
  • Create a rules-based framework that ensures consistency and enables automation.
  • Create a record of client interactions that can help improve future customer care.
  • Measure the performance of the team against the service levels agreed, and take corrective action as necessary.
  • Supervise the performance of client service teams to ensure they are operating at top efficiency.
  • Ensure that client information is handled appropriately and with due care at all stages throughout the client lifecycle.


The VP Client Delivery sits at the intersection of the Business and Customer Solutions functions, owns the customer experience for all clients, and is responsible for leading the delivery of the company’s customer experience to its clients. 

They are responsible for directing the senior management team responsible for delivering customer experience with a focus on high-quality, efficient execution. 

This executive must have a deep understanding of client-centricity and how to apply it to deliver exceptional service to clients. 

They are accountable for results in ensuring that the client experience meets the expectations across all channels, channels that are continually evolving. 

Ultimately, they are responsible for ensuring that clients’ expectations are excellent at every interaction.

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