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VP of Product Delivery Job Description

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The Vice President or VP of Product Delivery is familiar with the client base and analyzes and applies stakeholder demands and standards. 

One must also transform into a strong platform that can be offered to numerous clients and deliver products.

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VP Product Delivery Job Description

The Vice President or VP of Product Delivery will be a technical leader of a project group within a company. 

The VP or vice president will be accountable for the project group and will lead the team in tackling large projects.

They will ensure that all tasks are completed on time and will work with the project team to ensure all deliverables are met. 

In addition, a VP or vice president is responsible for managing all projects that are part of the company’s portfolio.

As a member of an executive management team, a VP is responsible for making sure that the company’s product strategy is on track. One also supports the growth of the company’s product portfolio.

What does a VP Product Delivery do?

As a VP of product delivery, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Leading your project team;
  • Coordinating all activities within the group;
  • Identifying opportunities for the company’s product portfolio;
  • Creating plans that will help the company reach its business goals; -Leading the development of new products;
  • Partnering with other departments;
  • Training project team members; and
  • Coordinating all internal and external communication.

Skills Needed

When applying for a vice president of product delivery position, you should have these skills:

  • Strategic thinker;
  • Strong communicator;
  • Self-starter;
  • Customer-oriented; and
  • Excellent time management skills.

What are the work environment and culture like for a vice president of product delivery?

As a vice president of product delivery, you will be working for a company that is headed by an executive team. 

You will also be working with a diverse group of people who all have unique skills and talents, and you will have to learn to work with them. 

A vice president of product delivery will also need to keep up with ever-changing technology and trends in the industry. 

Lastly, you will also need to be flexible in your approach, as different companies have different methods of working.

What are the education requirements?

That said, it is beneficial to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field. 

Hopefully, by gaining this level of education you will also have gained an understanding of the problem-solving and hands-on experience that can then be applied to your career.

What industries offer VP Product Delivery jobs?

Several industries offer jobs for Vice President or Vice President of Product

  • Delivery:
  • Finance; 
  • Healthcare; 
  • IT; and 
  • Utilities. 


A VP or vice president of product delivery is a leader of a project team and is also responsible for ensuring that all deliverables are met. 

As an executive, a VP or vice president of product delivery is tasked with ensuring that the company’s product portfolio grows and that it meets client needs. 

A VP or vice president of product delivery will also be responsible for coordination between the company and its stakeholders. 

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