System Hackerrank Solution In Github

Delivery System HackerRank Solution In Github

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We will tackle the information about the delivery management system HackerRank solution in Github. Also, let us tackle the importance and the benefits of it.

What Is A Delivery Management System HackerRank Solution In Github?

As the name suggests, a system that manages the delivery of products to the customers. It provides a variety of functions. 

A customer can manage the tracking of their package. In addition to that, customers can return or exchange the items they don’t want.

The management of payment and order is also done by this system. The customer can check their status online. 

The delivery management system Hackerrank solution in Github will help you make your business easier & better.

Benefits of Delivery Management System Hackerrank Solution In Github

As we discussed above, there are many benefits from it. Let us go through it in detail to understand them better.

Customer Satisfaction: 

The main purpose of the delivery management system Hackerrank solution in Github is customer satisfaction. So this is because once the customer gets their product delivered.

Then they will be satisfied with your service and will give positive reviews about your business. It will help you to get more and more customers.

That will eventually lead to a good reputation for your business and an increase in sales. 


The system allows its users to track their orders so that they are aware of them at all times. 


It also allows its users to make payments with ease through their credit card or payment wallet etc. If you have a lot of orders coming in every day then this will be handy for you as you won’t have to spend time taking payments manually. 

Customer Support: 

The management system has an auto-reply message feature. That enables the customer service team to respond quickly and efficiently to any queries raised by the customers regarding their orders or products etc. 

Big Data: 

The delivery management system Hackerrank solution in Github also helps you gather data. That can be used to improve your business operations and marketing strategies etc.

You can use these data analytics tools for analyzing the trends and patterns in your business operations e.g sales, order volumes, etc.

Customer Profiles: 

So this system also allows its users to create profiles for those who have placed orders with them. So that they can easily access all information about them such as photo, email address, phone number, etc. 

It is much easier for them if they need to contact a particular customer again for some reason. 

Advanced Features: 

There are advanced features available in this system like you can add pictures. Also, videos of your products, add some description or text to make the customers more interested in the product. 

You can also include a link to your social media profile in your profiles of the customers. So that it is easier for them to follow you on social media as well.

So there you go. We have tackled some of the information about the delivery management system Hackerrank solution in Github. 

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