Service Delivery Management Jobs

Service Delivery Management Jobs

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How important are the jobs of service delivery management today? We will see that in this section. Also, we will know what are the following focuses of the services delivery management.

What Are Service Delivery Management Jobs?

Service delivery management is one of the most important aspects of the services sector. Especially in the IT industry, has become more complex. Why? Because there are various service types, various kinds of users, and many complex processes.

Therefore, the complexity of service delivery management increases rapidly. In this section, we will talk about the nature of service maintenance management, especially in the IT industry.

Nature of Service Delivery Management

The nature of service delivery management is as follows. The service development and delivery process is a very complicated process where a lot of activities are done to produce services for final users.

Therefore, this process requires a lot of expertise and effort for it to be successful. In addition to that, there is always a need for continuous improvement. It is because the services are always produced to satisfy the needs of final users.

Therefore, it is necessary to continuously develop and improve the quality of services. The following diagram shows what kind of activities are done in this process.

Service Delivery Management Activities

There are 6 main activities in the service delivery management system. These activities are as follows:

1. Service Requirement Analysis

This activity provides an analysis of customer needs or requirements. So it is as a base for the production of services and product development. This analysis can through various kinds of techniques. Such as interviews with customers surveys workshops or focus groups.

2. Service Design

It is to create a framework for future services. Also, to develop one or more products, services, or units of service delivery. This process usually uses the following techniques:

  • User needs analysis and business needs analysis,
  • service process design,
  • service object design, and
  • service component design.

3. Service Development

This process develops the services based on the concept of design. In this process, the specification of services as well as all other documents needed for the production of services.

This process applies in several ways. Such as acceptance testing and integration testing.

4. Service Implementation

It is a very important activity in which the final product is according to the specifications that have in the previous step. This activity includes the actual production of services based on the previously created specification documents. 

That’s why this activity requires a lot of knowledge about different technologies. Also, tools to be able to build better and more reliable services.

5. Service Operation and Maintenance

Service operation and maintenance are some of the most important activities in service delivery management systems. This step takes care of providing a good service experience for users with many kinds of improvement efforts by using various kinds of technical solutions, such as IT solutions.

6. Service Support and Training

This activity takes care of providing support for users. This is done by providing technical knowledge, product knowledge, and service knowledge to users.

The following diagram shows the activities that were previously described in a more detailed form.

The main actor in this process is the service provider who takes care of producing services for final users. This process is done with many activities such as service requirement analysis, service design, service development, service implementation, and so on.

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