VP Solutions Delivery

VP Solutions Delivery

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When it comes to VP solutions delivery, today it becomes one of the in-demand jobs. You can find it online, some of the most popular websites for job seekers.

So we will see what it makes in-demand and what are the following job responsibilities of a VP solutions delivery.

What Is VP Solutions Delivery?

VP Solutions Delivery are those who are responsible for the different processes and activities that are necessary for delivering the value proposition of a company. This includes:

1. Defining the business value, by analyzing the business and customer needs, identifying the best approach to achieve the desired goals, and measuring results.

2. Setting up a vision and direction for new projects or ongoing projects.

3. Planning and managing project teams, planning and implementing marketing strategy, performing market research, coordinating with customers to define their needs, and defining the best way to meet those needs.

4. Setting up strategic partnerships with other companies to find new ways to meet customer needs (such as marketing or management consulting). Identifying synergies between products, services, or technologies.

5. Defining the scope of projects and managing budgets related to them.

VP Solutions Delivery: Managing Staffs

6. Managing staff assignments, such as identifying employees who will be assigned to each project area. Such as the following:

  • Product development or sales,
  • Recruiting qualified staff for each project area,
  • Training team members on performance standards and skills needed for each project area, such as software development skills.
  • Removing poorly performing employees from projects areas where they do not meet standards for performance,
  • Disciplining employees who fail to perform up to company standards,
  • Evaluating employee performance regularly. To ensure that standards are met on all project areas and remove poorly performing employees from project areas where they do not meet those standards for performance. Such as sales.
  • Monitoring work progress on all project areas. To identify problems early to correct them before they affect overall project deadlines or quality levels.

7. Managing contracts with other companies or individuals. Such as software development firms or individual programmers. Who will be providing products or services needed by the company during each project period? For example software development firms or individual programmers providing software development services.

8. Identifying possible problems with these contracts before they occur to minimize their impact if they do occur. For example by requiring the firm providing the service to implement appropriate quality control measures before delivery of products. 

9. Manage disputes between companies or other parties providing products or services during each project period. For example disputes over product quality issues.

10. Monitor contracts with other companies or individuals providing products or services during each project period. For example software development firms or individual programmers for compliance with contractual requirements.


We could see here that VP Solutions Delivery is the big picture of a business. If a company is not able to provide what their customer wants in the right way. They can’t make much money.

So, to make money, they have to find out what their customer wants, and then they need to find the right solution for it. It’s not an easy job. But people who can do this job well will be paid by the amount of money that their company or customers will make. 

That’s why it’s in demand.

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