The VP Software Delivery

The VP Software Delivery

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What is a job description for a VP software delivery? Also, how important is this job to be fulfilled? We will see this in detail in this section.

What is VP Software Delivery?

VP Software Delivery is one of the key positions in the software development industry. It is a mid-level position, suitable for both entry-level and senior software professionals. This role is crucial in the success of any software development company.

Development managers are not enough; they will never be able to manage all the deliverables of a project.

What is the role of VP Software Delivery?

This role involves creating a vision, defining goals, and making sure that they are achieved. The VP needs to develop a strategy that will help to achieve business goals and create a long-term plan for the organization’s success. This includes hiring the right people for the team, managing their motivation and performance, as well as meeting deadlines.

What does VP Software Delivery do?

The VP Software Delivery is responsible for:

Agile development process planning.

Budgeting and forecasting.

Quality assurance policies and procedures development (software testing)

Creating high-quality software through collaboration with the team members and external partners (sales representatives, designers, etc.).

This involves the following:

  • recruiting the right people for each task,
  • managing them and providing resources to work efficiently;
  • this also includes training,
  • motivating and retaining competent staff by using different methods (performance reviews, compensation incentives.

So that will improve their productivity; creating an environment where they feel comfortable in taking risks.

Another thing, their job includes evaluating new technologies and frameworks to find out which ones to use on each project, so it includes:

  • AI,
  • Machine Learning or
  • Big Data solutions in the organization’s roadmap

Next is planning releases in line with the roadmap, communicating with members of the team including developers, testers, designers etc

These will be making sure that projects are on time and budget and time tracking.

So the job covers a wide range of responsibilities that also requires some qualifications. So what are these qualifications?

What is a Degree for VP Software ?

Often, VP Software is a senior position. So it is expected that the person has an advanced degree, at least a Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or similar technology.

The program should include a concentration in software development. So if you don’t have this qualification, you can consider getting one. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT-related fields. Then the chances of getting a job as VP Software are not that high.

However, some companies hire entry-level professionals with Bachelor’s degrees and provide training and development programs to get them ready to become VPs.

So these are the basic requirements that you need to have to become a VP of Software.


This VP Software Delivery role is a great opportunity for career growth for software professionals. This role involves planning and managing the following:

  • development process,
  • establishing company policies and
  • procedures and
  • setting up long-term strategies to increase the company’s success.

So this role will bring you rewards. This includes constant growth opportunities, salary increases, and career development programs. Also, you will witness your contribution to the company’s success.

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