VP Square Delivery

VP Square Delivery

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What is the purpose of having a VP square delivery? What are the duties and responsibilities of a VP square delivery? These are the questions we will tackle below.

What Is A VP Square Delivery?

A VP square delivery is a two-person maneuver consisting of a vice president and a secretary. The delivery is commonly used at the beginning of the meeting when welcoming guests.

The VP square delivery is normally performed at the board table (or in the center of the room) or on stage. It consists of both individuals standing still. 

The standing individuals will be joined by those who are seated, who will then form a square around the delivery personnel.

Why Is A VP Square Delivery Performed?

The VP square is most commonly used to welcome guests and to introduce them to their fellow meeting participants. It may also be used to celebrate an occasion such as an anniversary.

Or to recognize someone for an award or achievement. In general, it can be used to welcome guests or recognize an employee.

Also, a group of employees who have made significant contributions to an organization.

What Is The Purpose Of Having A VP Square?

The VP square delivery has several purposes:

  • Welcome guests, and particularly VIPs, to the meeting. 
  • Introduce them to their fellow meeting participants (i.e., those seated in the audience). 
  • Give the VIP special recognition for some achievement or other significant contribution to the organization. 
  • Celebrate something special such as an anniversary or success in a business venture. 
  • Recognize an individual (or individuals) for something they’ve done well or which has been appreciated by others in attendance.

What Are The Duties And Responsibility Of A VP Square?

On a practical level, there are very few duties and responsibilities involved with performing a VP square delivery:

  • Make sure the room/area is set up properly.
  • Make sure the area is free of obstacles and that access to the room/area is clear.
  • Check that there are sufficient VP squares available (where applicable).
  • When appropriate, ensure that there are enough people to form a VP square around the VP(s) and secretary (where applicable).

Depending on the size of the room or audience, there may not be enough people to form a VP square. In this case, you will need to improvise and get as many people as possible in a semi-circle around the VP(s) and secretary. 

So this signifies that they are all present and part of the meeting. In some cases, you may be asked to lead the delivery. 

It means you will be giving instructions to those who are delivering and those who are seated in the audience. The instructions for those delivering will be given before the delivery starts.

So with those seated in the audience receiving their instructions after the delivery has started. On rare occasions, you may be asked if you want to deliver along with other members of your team. 

So this will normally be a situation when multiple managers need to deliver together (e.g., at a company meeting. Where all departments in a branch or subsidiary have been recognized). 

In this case, you will be responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. So that all members of your team come on stage at the right time and do their bit at the right time.

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