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Who Is VP Delivery Services Private Limited?

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We will tackle the information about who is VP delivery services private limited. Also, let us learn the importance and the benefits of this company.

Learn About VP Delivery Services Private Limited

VP delivery services private limited is an Indian-based company that works on e-commerce and logistics. It was established in the year 2015. 

The founder of VPDelivery services is Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who is also the founder of Paytm. He is an Indian entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is a famous personality in the business world. 

He has been awarded as the best CEO of India by the Business World magazine. Also awarded ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of Year’ by Ernst & Young.

VP Delivery services private limited offers different kinds of logistic services in India and abroad. Such as express delivery, cargo delivery, and trucking services, which are more than 12000 trucks. 

In Additional Information 

The company has three offices in India in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The team of VP Delivery Services Private Limited includes 300+ people.

Those who are working hard to give their best performance to make it more powerful day by day. They have different kinds of advanced systems and technologies to provide seamless delivery services at a faster speed. 

It is providing several benefits to its customers such as:

It offers faster delivery services within 3 hours for large cities like Mumbai and Delhi. So their customers will get their orders within 3 hours after ordering if they are located in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. 

The company has a team of licensed delivery executives who are trained well for every kind of situation. That can happen during the process of delivery to their customers from the time they receive their orders.

Till they deliver it to them at their doorstep at their place without any problem. They offer doorstep delivery service which helps them to provide fast deliveries of all the products at their customer’s doorsteps.

It is within 3 hours after they order them online from anywhere nearby. Or far from them at any part of India 24/7/365 days a year including Sundays. 

So this service can be availed only on certain products which are available under this program only. And also not on all kinds of products available on its website for home deliveries.

Moreover, in local deliveries near or far from your place in India. Some specific products such as electronics are delivered from their warehouses to your place directly.

Without first delivering them to your nearest pickup center. So it may take more time than delivery from the warehouse directly.

But it helps them to save time as well as money too. Rather than delivering through pick-up centers where they have to pay extra charges per package.

What Are The Challenges Of Their Service?

The company is facing many challenges in its business. Because of the competition among the other companies they are trying to overcome all the challenges. 

So they are planning to expand their business and to reach new customers. They want to make their service more powerful and trustworthy for their current customers. 

They also want to provide a good service for new customers too. Because it is a well-known e-commerce company, it is getting very many orders every day from its customers. 

So they are trying to deliver all those orders within the time limit of 3 hours. They work hard every day to deliver them in time as per their agreement with the customer. 

But sometimes due to some issues and problems, they may not be able to deliver them in time. It happens because of some accidents, traffic jams, and other reasons which can be out of control. 

Sometimes during those issues, the executives may not be able to give your package on time.

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