What are the characteristics of service delivery

What Are the Characteristics of Service Delivery in Organizations?

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What are the characteristics of service delivery in organizations? Tune in to find out.

Characteristics of Successful Service Delivery in Organizations

A well-defined service strategy

Highly effective service companies are directed by a consistent strategy that integrates service activities with broader business goals and objectives.

When we say well-defined, it has to be clear enough to guide employees in the right direction, but flexible enough to be adjusted and improved over time.

A clear customer focus

For one, they understand what customers and prospective customers want, need, and value. They also use that insight to guide day-to-day activities.

They also understand their role in the customer experience and how customer satisfaction is built into their day-to-day activities

Focus on continuous performance improvement.

Organizations that tend to be more data-driven are more successful than service providers who don’t. 

They use data in a variety of ways: to track performance, spot trends, improve productivity, and manage customer satisfaction. They also use data to inform strategic decision-making.

Appropriate success metrics

Organizations have a clear understanding of the measures that matter to their success.

They successfully align customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational performance.

They understand how to measure and monitor progress in each of these areas. So, they use the information to guide strategic decision-making and to improve their service performance over time.

Unique Value Proposition

Service companies that deliver superior customer service create value for their customers that is not easily copied by competitors. 

Such a value proposition is difficult to replicate because it tends to be based on unique assets, capabilities, or knowledge that gives the service provider a competitive advantage.

Ability to execute

Service companies that deliver superior service do so by consistently delivering on the promises that are made. They are better able to execute their service strategy, offering, and delivery.

Organizations with high employee engagement, for example, tend to be successful because they are better able to translate their service promise into a consistent delivery of value.

Business significance of service

Organizations that deliver extraordinary service also generate big profits and high levels of customer retention. 

When customers say they wouldn’t buy from another company if yours didn’t exist, your company is serving an important function in their lives.

Likewise, when customers say they would be lost without your products or services, your company is providing an essential ingredient in the customer experience. 

In these cases, it’s easy to see how service can have a significant impact on financial performance. If you don’t have this type of influence over customers, you must develop a plan for gaining it.

Means to assess customer impact

Service companies that generate big profits and high levels of customer retention are also highly effective at capturing information about the nature and extent of their influence on customers. 

They use this information to assess the financial impact of their service on their business. 

They also use it to identify the best opportunities for improving the service quality.


Service companies must be designed to deliver service. Regardless of industry, size, or location, service companies need to design service into their products, services, and employee roles.

Organizations also have to be able to execute their strategies and consistently deliver on the promises they make to customers. 

Without this ability, they will be unable to realize the full potential of their service offerings.

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