What are the two major phases of service delivery

What Are the Two Major Phases of Service Delivery?

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What are the two major phases of service delivery? Tune in to find out.

But first, let us define what service delivery means.

What Is Service Delivery, Anyway?

Service delivery is the process of turning service strategy into action. It has two major phases, build and deploy.

A service strategy is only valuable if it leads to measurable results. If you’re not measuring your results, then you’re probably not delivering services effectively.

In this article, you’ll learn about the two phases of service delivery: build and deploy. 

You’ll learn how to identify which phase you are in and how to get to the other one. You’ll also find out what the five steps of each phase are. And you’ll learn some tips on how to make each phase move more quickly.

Read on for a detailed explanation of each step and an example or two of how it can be done.

Two Major Phases of Service Delivery

The two phases of service delivery are build and deploy. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Build phase

The build phase begins with an analysis of the situation and ends with a solution. It’s where you determine what is needed.

The build phase has five steps:

Assess the situation

The first step in the build phase is to assess the current situation. 

Define the problem

The second step is to define the problem or opportunity in terms of specific, measurable outcomes. Be specific and measurable when defining your results.

Choose alternative solutions

The third step is to consider different ways to deliver on your measurable goals, including keeping things as they are, changing processes, or improving them.

Select an option and develop a plan

The fourth step is to choose an option that will achieve your goals and develop a plan for how it will be implemented.

Make it happen

The final step is to implement the solution and make it work. Check back often with everyone involved to make sure they understand what they need to do.

Deploy phase

The deploy phase has two steps:

Monitor and correct

The first step is to monitor the situation and correct any problems that arise. 

The second step is for you to use what you’ve learned to improve the service delivery process and broaden its use, helping your organization become more effective.

Why Do You Need Two Major Phases of Service Delivery?

Why do you need two major phases of service delivery? It’s because there are different ways to deliver service. Look at the two phases in terms of process improvement.

In the build phase, you focus on a single service for a specific group of people. You’re identifying problems that affect that cohort and defining solutions for it.

In the deploy phase, you focus on service delivery as a whole, not just one aspect of it. You try to find ways to improve all aspects of service delivery.

The Bottom Line

For service delivery to be effective, you need to take a methodical approach. Service delivery has two major phases: build and deploy.

You don’t have to do everything at once; focus on one service at a time. And keep in mind that you’ll have to go through this process again and again as your organization changes.

But don’t worry; once you’ve figured out how to deliver services effectively in one area, it will be easier next time around!

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