Delivery Management Competencies

Delivery Management Competencies

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Delivery management has a lot of competencies and we will discuss these in detail. It will help us to understand how delivery management works more.

What Is Delivery Management?

Delivery management is the process that involves the following:

  • planning for the resources,
  • managing them and
  • monitoring work progress

It involves cross-functional teams and it has to ensure that the team can deliver on time and within budget.

As mentioned earlier, delivery management also involves monitoring resources like people, equipment, and materials. The main aim of delivery management is to determine when the project will be completed and how it will be completed.

Now, what are delivery management competencies? Here are the following:

Communication Competency

This relates to the ability of a person to share information and ideas with other people. A person needs to be able to listen, understand, speak and write effectively. It also helps a person to learn from others and make decisions.

Problem Solving Competency

Problem-solving is the ability to think rationally and work out solutions to problems. It involves the following:

  • gathering information,
  • analyzing it,
  • generating solutions and
  • implementing them in the right way

It requires critical thinking, being creative, having perseverance, and being able to take risks.

Problem-solving competency gives a person the ability to control situations and learn from them.

Project Management Competency

This involves managing a project in the right way to ensure that it meets its objectives and targets. It usually involves the following:

  • defining project goals,
  • planning for the resources,
  • managing the resources and
  • monitoring project progress

A project manager has to have good planning, organizing, and delegation skills. He and she are required to communicate effectively, be objective, and have interpersonal skills.

Project managers have to have time management skills and be able to handle stress well.

Project managers need to be able to think strategically and creatively as well as be able to take risks.

They also need a good understanding of financial matters and be able to motivate their team members. Some delivery management competencies are also important for project managers.

These include:

  • Setting Up Team Objectives
  • Ensuring that team members are trained, motivated, and willing to perform their tasks.
  • Recognizing Quality Standards
  • Setting up quality standards and making sure that team members are aware of them. This involves setting benchmarks and implementing them.
  • Communication Skills
  • Having good communication skills will ensure that a project manager can give instructions effectively, listen to others and hear what they are saying.
  • It will also help him/her to be more open to suggestions from other people.
  • Planning Skills
  • Monitoring Skills


Delivery management is a very important process in project management. It ensures that the products and services are delivered as per the client’s needs and requirements. It involves managing people, projects, and processes both on time and within budget. Also entails monitoring the resources of the project like people, equipment, materials, etc.

Delivery management is not easy to learn about but with a good understanding of the concepts, it becomes easy to implement in real-life situations.

So be ready to learn more about delivery management from us in our next article.

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