Delivery Boy Management System

Delivery Boy Management System

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What is a delivery boy management system? And how to use it? We will know in this article and also, let’s tackle the following features of it.

What is the Delivery Boy Management System?

A Delivery boy management is a system used to track all the delivery boys. It helps in assigning responsibilities, monitoring their work, and also, it tracks all deliveries made by them. It is a centralized application, which uses the internet to access.

Benefits of using the Delivery Boy Management System

The delivery boy management system is used to track all deliveries made by the delivery boys. A delivery boy can be at any place, and there are a lot of chances for him to lose track of things.

But as we said earlier, this software tracks things and helps in assigning responsibilities too. Here, we will see the benefits of it.

Assigning Responsibilities:

As we have already said it tracks every single delivery made by the delivery boy. It helps in assigning responsibilities to them and also, tracks them. It also helps in tracking their behavior and their work ethics too.

Monitoring their work:

All the information is stored online and it is easily accessible by anyone. This helps in monitoring their work and also, seeing whether they are doing fine or not. And if they are doing fine, you can always keep checking what other great work they are doing for you. 

And if they are not doing fine, then you can take action instantly because of which you will not lose any further time. Also, if you have more than one delivery boy and want to know about them all at once. Then you can use this software to check all of them at once. You can check how they are working, where they have been delivering etc.

If someone has been not working well enough, then you can easily get rid of him or her before further damages happen to your company’s reputation because of that person.

Tracking the deliveries made by them:

This is what we were talking about earlier in this article. The main purpose behind this software is to track all the deliverables made by the delivery boys so that no matter how far they go. Their deliveries will be recorded into this software and hence, seen by their supervisor or manager.

This way no matter how far away from your office he or she goes, your delivery will be recorded and seen by your manager at your office itself.

This way you can easily make sure whether your delivery is being delivered properly or not without wasting any further time on them yourself or going personally to check it out yourself.

How To Use It?

Here we will know how to use it in detail. As we already said a Delivery Boy Management System is an online application, which can be accessed through the internet.

You can use it on any device with a web browser like PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, etc. But if you want to access it on your mobile phone then you need to download an app for it. Here are the steps for using this application for the first time:

Open your web browser like Chrome, Firefox, and so on and type in the address bar. This will take you to the homepage of the Delivery Boy Management System. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and enter all your details in it.

You need to again click on the ‘Sign up’ button after entering all your details in it so that you can be directed to your login page. Here is a picture of it:

Enter your login details here and click on ‘Create account’. After doing that, you will be taken back to the homepage again. Now click on the ‘Dashboard’ button which is located at the top right corner and below your name in gray color as shown above.

It will take you to your Dashboard where you can now manage all of your delivery boys.

That’s all! 

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