Delivery Management Definition

Delivery Management Definition

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Important before having delivery management, you need to know the definition first. It is because it will help you to know what the purposes are and how they can benefit you.

What Is Delivery Management Definition?

Delivery Management is a complete approach to managing the entire delivery process. It is from initial customer order to finished product delivery.

So this definition is quoted from the APQC. And it sounds quite confusing, right? But some points will help you to understand it better.

First of all, it starts with “customer order”. It means that any customer can make a purchase order and the product will be delivered to them. 

The supplier will get this order and then they will send the material to the production department. Then the material will be processed and made into a product. 

After that, this product will be checked by the quality control team or QC team. After the QC team gives the green light, it means no problem was found on this product.

Then the final product will be delivered to the customer. The last point is “finished product delivery”. 

It means after all of those things were done, this product can be delivered to customers. Delivery management is about managing these steps of delivering products in a company.

So that it will not affect other processes in the company like production or sales.

A Delivery Management Is It A Group Or Managed In One Person?

So, what is delivery management? Is it a group or managed by one person? So this question might come to your mind because of the definition.

It is quoted in the APQC that delivery management is a complete approach to managing the entire delivery process. It means that it will be in a whole team or even more than one person.

Those who will be responsible for managing the delivery process. It means that this delivery management team will be responsible for managing all of these steps in delivering the product to customers. 

It will also include planning, scheduling, resources, and so on. So this means that some steps will be done by different people and they will work together as a team.

So, you can see that this team will not only be managed by one person but also by many people. And because of the word “approach” here, it means that there are many approaches or methods that can be used to manage this process. 

One of them is the traditional approach which is when one person will manage this process. And also other approaches are some other methods that can help you to better manage this process. 

So, there are many ways for you to manage it. And you can choose which one works best for you and your company.


So, in the end, it is not enough to know the definition of delivery management. It is also important to understand what it is and how you can manage this process. 

So, please remember that many approaches can be used for it. So choose the one that works best for you and your company.

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