what is service delivery operations

What Is Service Delivery Operations?

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What really is service delivery operations?

Service delivery operations are the processes of designing, delivering and managing services that are provided to customers. 

This includes the orchestration, coordination, and management of human and other resources to provide desired services. Read on to learn more.

What We Got Wrong About Service Delivery Operations

Service delivery operations describe the process of designing, delivering, and managing services. 

It is a core component of any service management process. For one reason, it is at the intersection of service design and service management. 

As such, they provide the mechanism through which services are delivered to customers. 

In recent years, this critical aspect of service management has received much attention because of its role in driving customer satisfaction. 

It is also one of the key elements in achieving an improved customer experience (CX). 

Many organizations now incorporate Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Service Level Objectives (SLO) into their operations. 

These agreements typically define and govern the level of service that customers can expect from the organizations. They also require organizations to have processes in place that can deliver on those obligations. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) have become a critical part of any organization’s operations strategy. 

In light of this trend, many companies have simply thrown their hands up in frustration. So, they designated this operational component as “IT” or “Information Technology” (IT). 

This is unfortunate because it fails to recognize the importance of this component to any organization’s ability to deliver superior customer experiences across all channels. And that includes sales, support, and post-sales support.

The fact is that operations are a critical component in any organization’s ability to deliver superior customer experiences. 

And yet many organizations continue to overlook them. 

How Service Delivery Operations Impact Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Customer experience management requires a sound understanding of each channel that your customers use. Especially when interacting with your organization or brand.

Service delivery is one such channel – but it is a very important one! 

As such, it should be included when you evaluate your current state against your desired state for customer experiences. 

It should also be incorporated into your overall customer experience strategy. So, you can address gaps between the two states effectively.

This is especially true if you are looking to achieve an excellent CX. Customer experience management will not be effective without a sound understanding of each channel.

The Value of Enhancing How You Deliver Your Service Now

Service delivery operations are a critical component in any organization’s ability to deliver superior customer experiences.

As such, it is important to evaluate how you currently handle your service delivery operations. 

Do you have a sound understanding of how these operations can enhance your customer experience strategy? 

Have you incorporated them into your CEM process? If not, it is time to do so. Many factors affect the quality of a customer’s experiences with your organization. 

Service delivery operations start with the service design process. So, if you want to create an excellent customer experience, you need to consider how to integrate it into your overall service design process. 

By evaluating the quality of your current service delivery operation and its relationship with other channels and touchpoints, you will be able to identify opportunities for improvement in your overall customer experience strategy.

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